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At J Hardy Family Law, we know that marriages are tricky; and sometimes a marriage may end in divorce. Knowing what the laws are for your state, plus the requirements for filing, are critical tools your lawyer must know. In Alabama, there are criteria and guidelines to follow for a successful filing and entry of a divorce agreement or order. With divorce agreements, property division and rights relating to custody and the visitation of children are two of the most important issues covered.

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Custody and Visitation

Custody is referred to as the legal and physical upbringing of a child. This can be a very confusing and contentious area of Family Law. At J Hardy Family Law, we work closely with our clients to make sure they not only understand the aspects of Custody and Visitation, but we also fight hard for our clients to help them obtain the best options for their children.

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Property Division

A top issue during most divorces is how to divide property equitably between spouses. This is property division at its most basic. The factors that all play an integral part in this process include how long a couple was married, how much each couple earned while married, and the assets that the couple had prior to and during their marriage.

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When an ex-spouse wishes to change certain conditions pertaining to their divorce decree, that is referred to as post-divorce actions or modifications. There are a variety of reasons that can affect a divorce decree after it has been finalized and at J Hardy Family Law, we help our clients know their options.

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Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

For people soon to wed, marriage can be both exciting and terrifying. Marriage is an institution that combines 2 people and their lives; not only do you gain extended family, but you also share financial responsibilities too. These include pre-existing and future debts (credit card debts, collection accounts, student loans, etc.), joint financial accounts, etc.

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At J Hardy Family Law, we know that no one wants to go through a divorce. It can be complicated and confusing to navigate and sometimes a divorce decree may be hard to maintain; but once a divorce decree is finalized, it is legally binding and must be upheld. Legal actions can be taken when someone does not adhere to the divorce decree. Courts can punish the violating party, with jail time or other financial sanction.

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